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About Infuze MD

The Source for Glutathione Injections, Anti-Aging Treatments, Holistic Cancer Therapy, & More

Infuze MD focuses on restoring and maintaining your body’s natural balance to promote health and wellness. Our treatments range from IV Vitamin Therapy and Anti-Aging to Cancer and Immune Support, each specialized to help you achieve your desired health, beauty, wellness, and anti-aging goals. Our doctor leads a team of experts to provide these effective treatments in a state-of-the-art clinic in Milpitas, CA. Infuze MD’s Dr. Abellera is one of the country’s few specialists in Infusion Medicine, having years of experience in alternative and natural remedies.

IV Vitamin Therapy provides a concentration of nutrients directly into your bloodstream to boost your immune system, relieve stress, increase your energy, and more.

Our Cancer and Immune Support Therapy offers a safe and alternative method for killing viruses and bacteria found in the blood stream, without the side effects of conventional medicine. From our Glutathione IV treatment to our Ozone Therapy, you can take a holistic approach to cancer support and healing.

With our Anti-Aging treatments, you can rejuvenate your skin with minimal invasiveness through methods beyond botox, including non-surgical NovaThreads.

At Infuze MD, our two part approach to prevention and healing will put you on the path to enjoying significant results that will improve your overall health, confidence, wellbeing and mental clarity!

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Dr. Nilda Agnes Abellera, M.D. is a Board Certified Physician and Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Infuze MD, Milpitas, CA’s top integrative medical practice specializing in IV infusion therapy.

After completing her residency at Staten Island Hospital and Long Island College Hospital in New York, Dr. Abellera began practicing medicine professionally in 1981, having seen over 10,000 patients in her career so far. In addition to her role as Chief Medical Officer of Infuze MD, she is also the medical director of the Abellera Medical Group, an established pediatric practice.

Prior to founding Infuze MD, Dr. Abellera served as the medical director of a successful medical spa in San Jose, CA. Early in her career, Dr. Abellera questioned the prevailing wisdom that a physician’s primary duty is to treat the effects of disease. She observed, all too often, doctors prescribed medications that merely suppressed symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes of a disease. Insufficient emphasis was being placed on prevention and reversing the degenerative processes and lifestyle choices that led to disease. For patients, the results were both tragic and predictable: a rapid loss of health and vitality as their illnesses progressed from one stage to the next. In Dr. Abellera’s view, conventional medicine was failing far too many patients. She resolved to find a new approach to holistic healing that preserved health and wellness before disease and aging had a chance to take effect.

In 2010, Dr. Abellera began to look outside the confines of conventional medicine with studying the use of glutathione IV for anti-aging. With extensive knowledge of glutathione IV, Dr. Abellera also began to incorporate the growth factors found in human placental extract into her practice. Dr. Abellera became one of only a handful of physicians utilizing placental extract in the United States, with placenta injections already being very popular in Europe and Asia. The breakthrough for Dr. Abellera was when she began to see the powerful effects a large infusion of redox signaling molecules (ROS) had on numerous patients in such a short period of time. With this treatment technology, she began to see the most chronic illnesses improve. From that point on, “Infusion Medicine” has been the focus of Dr. Abellera’s practice.

Now, Dr. Abellera is a member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy, having trained under the world renowned Dr. Frank Shallenberger, a pioneer of oxidative medicine. Dr. Abellera is nearing completion of her fellowship with an emphasis on “the clinical use of ozone therapy in oncology, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.”

“The human body is resilient. We live in a society where we turn to pharmaceuticals as an instant remedy. We’re aware of the side effects, yet we still embrace it. With the infusion of oxygen, powerful antioxidants, and vitamins, the human body has the ability to recover and heal itself.” – Dr. Nilda Agnes Abellera, M.D.



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